Aam Papad Roll

Aam papad is also known as Amawat is made with juicy mango pulp, adding sugar to it and sun-dried.  Aam Papad Roll is a mango sweetmeat with wholesome mawa and dry fruits filling. The dry fruits and mawa filling give it a rich and unique taste; It’s a sweet treat to oneself and kids.



  • Aam Papad sheets – 5
  • Raisins- 2tbsp
  • Almond (sliced) -6-7
  • Cashewnuts (halves) -6-7
  • Pista (chopped) -6-7
  • Akhrot (chopped) -6
  • Sugar -2 tbsp
  • Mawa/Khoya -100gm
  • Green Cardamom powder-1tsp
  • Cloves -10


  • In a non-stick pan fry khoya till light golden in color. Keep stirring continuously to ensure it is roasted evenly.
  • Once the khoya turns light golden add sugar, green cardamom powder, and all the chopped dry fruits. Mix it well and let the mawa cool down completely.
  • Cut aam papad in slightly thick strips. Spread the aam papad strips on a flat surface
  • Mix 1/2tsp sugar in 2-3 drops of water and keep it aside.
  • Spread a small amount of fried mawa to the papad strips and gently roll it.
  • Some mawa will come out from the side; do not worry about that. Stick the edges of roll with sugar water and seal with piercing a clove to it.
  • Make rolls of all the aam papad strips in the same way. Tasty mithai is ready 😊

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